REPAIR TO PREPARE | BUILDINg fund initiative 2018-2020

While The Church is made up of people, not buildings, we are truly blessed to utilize a physical building to assemble together regularly as a church family. This facility is often referred to as "the church". This facility serves as our place to gather in the presence of God for worship, as our central hub for community outreach and is a place where we are trained and encouraged to become more like Jesus as disciples who make disciples.

In 2002, after sensing God's clear direction, the people of the Hyde Wesleyan Church purchased land and broke ground to begin building a worship facility at 1215 Riverview Road. We began gathering weekly for worship in our new facility in 2005.

The Hyde Wesleyan Church facility continues to be used daily as a place of worship in the presence of Jesus, a hub for outreach, a place of community, and as a training facility to make more and better disciples!

In late-February 2016, we celebrated paying off our mortgage. In late-2018, our leadership agreed to present a goal of raising at least $150,000 before the end of 2020 to help repair, upgrade, and maintain our current facility with our eyes on the future as we pursue next-level Kingdom-impact.


We believe reaching our goal of raising $150,000 by December, 2020 will require sacrificial giving from everyone who is a part of the Hyde Wesleyan family.

Giving towards this building fund can be done through the normal weekly giving time in Sunday morning worship (please be sure to mark any specific gift towards "Repair to Prepare"). One-time or regular gifts can also be made online using our online giving portal by clicking the "make a donation" button below or clicking here.

One final way to give is by texting any dollar amount and the word "repair" to 84321 and then follow a quick, self-guided setup process to tie your mobile phone to our church, your donor account, and a payment source. After that, donating is as simple as sending a text!


Between now and December 31, 2020 we have a goal of raising at least $150,000 to make the necessary repairs and upgrades to our current infrastructure at Hyde Wesleyan Church to prepare for future growth and ministry! Projects will be tackled in a prioritized manner as finances allow.

The following projects are not only immediate needs, but they also help us continue to look towards the future God has planned for His people and His church. We continue to look to Him for guidance and direction for each of our next steps in pursuing a next-level Kingdom Impact!

Repairing our facility is not only good stewardship of what God has provided for us, but also an investment in the men, women, boys and girls who are currently and will be a part of this fellowship of faith at Hyde Wesleyan Church!

As God's people, it is our responsibility to keep His house in good repair and provide financial support, affirming our faith in God's provision!

"Tell the people to bring me their sacred offerings. Accept the contributions from all whose hearts are moved to offer them."  Exodus 25:2 NLT


Our church leadership has identified four main areas that need specifically addressed within the next few years. These projects are being prioritized on an ongoing basis and we look forward to celebrating the completion of each of them with God's help and resources!


    13+ years of wear-and-tear (not to mention the food/drink stains!) have taken their toll on our sanctuary carpet and lobby area. We're making plans to replace the carpet in the entire sanctuary and hallways. We're also planning to upgrade the lobby flooring and make necessary upgrades in the lobby to promote fellowship and growth!


    Heating and cooling a facility is often a full-time job for one or more heating and air-conditioning units. Our two main HVAC-units and our six classroom units are all showing their age. We've spent time and resources trying to keep them each working to the best of their ability, but it is time for replacement.

  • ROOF

    The roof is the first line of defense for any facility. Ours has been taken quite a beating these past 13+ years and a full replacement is needed.

  • parking lot

    It's exciting to see a full parking lot most weekends, but not so exciting to see the cracks, splits, and other issues. Our parking lot needs to be resurfaced and sealed.