Small Groups at Hyde Wesleyan Church are designed to build deep healthy relationships. This is done through a variety of ways including a time of sharing, encouraging and praying for on another.  Small Groups  meet in homes of our church family or at the church. They are designed as intimate gatherings where we believe life truly happens together. Small Groups are also infused with the same DNA as our church with a vision and mission to LOVE, GROW and BE. 

LOVE takes place as we do life together, fellowship, chat about current events and socialize. GROW happens as we spend time weekly asking questions about the previous weekend's sermon - Small Group leaders facilitate this time of conversation and we believe growth happens as we walk deeper into God's Word and how it applies to our lives. BE(ing) the hands and feet of Jesus is the third aspect of our Small Groups and perhaps it is the most exciting. We invite each Small Group to find an opportunity each semester to SERVE together - to plan something where some, if not all, members of the Small Group can serve together. Some Small Groups will host a block party for their neighborhood, some may volunteer to provide the meal service at one of our church's monthly KIDBLAST meals, the possibilities are only as limited as the Small Group's imagination. We believe a Small Group serving together is as important as LOVING and GROWING together!

Small Groups usually run in 12-week semesters and are often being added. If you're curious about the availability of a Small Group that YOU can be a part of, please contact the church office or see one of our pastors for information!

To see what SMALL GROUPS are currently available, please visit this link.